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Definitions of Champion Titles
The following is a list of abbreviations
Regarding championships awards,
as indicated on the French pedigrees
and what they refer to:
CACS:       Championship of Standard    (Beauty Championship)
RCACS:      Reserve
CACIB:       International Beauty Championship

RCACIB:   Reserve

CACT:       Working Championship (Travail = Field Trail)

RCACT:     Reserve
CACIT:     International Championship  (The CACT  are awarded one for each stake, 
                 while the  CACIT is in competition between the CACT winners)

CHT:      Trial Champion
CHIT:      International Field Champion

CHFTA: or CHA:     Shot game trial (A=Autumn trials on released birds, normally pheasants)

CHFTP: or CHP:      Spring Field Trials (P = printemps- spring, on natural (wild ) game)

CHB: or CHCS:        National Beauty Champion

CHIB:        International Beauty Champion

                                                                           OTHER DESIGNATIONS
TR:       Trialer

TAN:   Natural Aptitude Test Test Awarded
                     To become a champion, a field trial dog has to be rated at least "VERY GOOD"
              in a show, and to become a Show Champion, a dog has to be awarded in a field trial.
                                       AWARDS REQUIRED FOR CHAMPIONSHIPS
CHA or CHP     = 4 CACT (dogs) or 3 CACT (Bitches) in solo under different judges + 
                                         "VERY GOOD" in show.

CHT    = 1 CACT shot game solo + 1 CACT spring solo + 1 CACT  shot game couple + 1
                CACT spring couple.
CHCS  = 3 CACS under different judges + mention "EXCELLENT" in field trial. The 
                 Total must be compiled within 2 years after the 3rd CACS.
CHIB   = 2 CACIB in 2 Countries, with at least 365 days between them, and one being 
                   won in France for french owners, + at least a "GOOD" or a 3rd place in 
                    field trials.
CHIT  =  2CACIT in 2 different countries.